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6 reasons to shop for individual health insurance on the APA Insurance Marketplace

As we approach the start of open enrollment which begins November 15, 2014, here are 6 top reasons to take advantage of the APA Insurance Marketplace when shopping for coverage.

1. One Stop Shopping.

No need to jump to multiple websites to compare plans. Members now have an easy way to evaluate every available plan from leading companies like Aetna, FloridaBlue, Humana, United, Cigna, and Coventry. The insurance marketplace includes more health plan choices than On renewal, you’ll have the ability shop and compare your plan with the most up to date health plan options to ensure that you always have the most competitive coverage.

2. “Best Fit” recommendation engine helps you save money.

Is it possible to have more options and keep the decision process easy? Absolutely, this is where our marketplace thrives with the “Best Fit” tool. “Best Fit” is much more than an interactive decision support tool. It’s a whole new approach to insurance shopping, helping you make a more informed and personalized decision across a range of plans – all through an engaging experience. “Best Fit” guides you through the buying process by asking a few simple questions and then suggesting the plan that best fits your individual needs. Matching your requirements with the most suitable deductible, coinsurance, co-pays, prescription drug coverage, and provider network can dramatically reduce your total out of pocket costs and save you money.

3. Personalized customer support from licensed Benefits Counselors.

We know time is money. From basic questions to in-depth consultations, it’s important to have a live person awaiting your call when you need help. It’s also important to work with an advisor that takes the time to develop specific knowledge about you and your family. Our dedicated team of Benefits Counselors are specially trained to work with members and can provide you with expert advice about each health plan. They have already helped thousands of members with common inquiries like checking provider networks, making sure prescription drugs are covered, and explaining difficult to understand insurance jargon.

4. Concierge level advocacy throughout the year.

If you’ve ever had an issue with your coverage and had to deal directly with your insurance carrier, you know how valuable it is to have an advocate on your side. Billing errors, lost ID cards, problems with claims, and changes in your family status are all common occurrences that require time and effort. Instead of spending your valuable time waiting on hold, let us do the heavy lifting. Our Service Team has “premier” level access to insurance company service departments. Sometimes you just have to get through to the right people to get your issues resolved and we are experts in that area.

5. Best prices available for Florida health plans.

The leading health insurance providers in the state of Florida all participate in the marketplace. All health insurance plans and rates are regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance. You will not find better pricing with any of these providers, even if you purchase directly from the carrier. The insurance marketplace can also help you determine if you’re eligible for a government subsidy and assist you when applying.

6. Specially priced supplemental benefits.

You also have access to special member group pricing on useful benefits such as dental, vision, ID theft, telemedicine, pet insurance, and more. Plans are offered by some of the best and well-known providers in the U.S like MetLife, Teladoc, and VPI.